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  • Flaphappy Sun Hat


    It is so easy to overlook the back of the neck/hairline area on littles when applying sunscreen. If they have a FlapHappy hat on, though, they are extra protected from the sun thanks to the extra large, um, flap in the back.

    $19 at Flaphappy | Buy

    | Posted 30 Jun, 2015 by Rene
  • Shade Shack


    Adults need a break from the sun just as much as kids do. You’ll be able to give yourself an adult time-out in the Shade Shack, which is UPF 30+ protective. This tent/canopy/salvation is a breeze to set up and it folds down to next to nothing.

    $60 at Toys R Us | Buy

    | Posted 30 Jun, 2015 by Rene
  • Hello Kitty Frozen Aloe After Sun Cooling Spray


    Even if the kids avoid overexposure to the sun (and we sincerely hope they do; a sunburned kid is never a good thing) this cooling spray will feel refreshing and calming after a long day outdoors. Kiddos will delight in the snow-like frozen aloe that also smells delicious while it moisturizes and soothes.

    $8 at Australian Gold | Buy

    | Posted 25 Jun, 2015 by Rene
  • Pink Spot Towelling Dress


    Full disclosure: If this came in adult sizes I would totally rock one post-swim. Toss this over your little beach babe to dry her off and make her feel all nice and cozy after a long day of hard beach playing.

    $20 at Next | Buy

    | Posted 25 Jun, 2015 by Rene
  • Surf Suit


    Try to contain your squealing- because we know we can’t- over this pint-sized surf suit. Made from UPF 40+ protecting material, this beach must-have will ward off the harsh rays and elements and help your kiddo stay comfy. And it is, of course, beyond squeal-ably cute.

    $34 at Boden | Buy

    | Posted 22 Jun, 2015 by Rene
  • Osh Kosh B’Gosh Jet 2 Water Shoes


    Beach excursions- heck, even the bottom of a pool- can scratch up a kid’s little foot pretty quickly. Water shoes not only add a layer of protection, they also help keep those explorers surefooted and upright. OshKosh B’Gosh’s adorable (and affordable) water shoes are mesh for quick drying and draining, and feature a comfortable, elasticized pull-on design.

    $15 at Kohl's | Buy

    | Posted 22 Jun, 2015 by Rene
  • Not All Who Wander Popup Laundry Hamper


    Why shouldn’t your dirty laundry look cute? A screen-print photo of a secluded forest plus the iconic “Not All Who Wander Are Lost” quote adorn this pop-up laundry hamper with convenient carrying handles.

    $30 at Dormify | Buy

    | Posted 19 Jun, 2015 by Janet
  • Just Hangit


    Keep your fave necklaces, earrings, and bracelets at hand in your dorm room, without taking up extra space. This nifty little black hanger features tons of hooks for jewelry of all sorts, and fits tidily on your closet bar amongst your sweaters and tees.

    $10 at Dormify | Buy

    | Posted 19 Jun, 2015 by Janet
  • Stickr Frames


    Forget about putting up clichéd posters like Klimt’s “The Kiss” or the Beatle’s “Abbey Road” album cover. Decorate with your favorite photos, no nails or hooks required, with these decal photo frames! Each is removable and reusable (price is for a set of 8), so they’ll last through all 4 years of college and beyond.

    $20 at DormCo | Buy

    | Posted 19 Jun, 2015 by Janet
  • Threshold 24 Pocket Shoe Organizer


    Think outside the box – this 24-pocket organizer doesn’t just hold shoes, but toiletries, school supplies, accessories, curling irons, scarves and gloves… You name it! Done in a super cute gray tweed, it hangs easily over closet or dorm doors for handy vertical storage.

    $19 at Target | Buy

    | Posted 19 Jun, 2015 by Janet
  • Rocket Table


    What could be easier to put together or store than a cardboard table? This one is extra sturdy AND looks like a retro-style rocket. Much chicer than using a stack of old pizza boxes as a table in your dorm room.

    $60 at Uncommon Goods | Buy

    | Posted 17 Jun, 2015 by Janet
  • MaxPack Large Storage Pocket


    Bunk beds are super common in tiny dorm rooms, but you don’t want to have to climb down every time you need a sip of water or your glasses. These sturdy cotton canvas pockets, available in 11 colors, attach to bed railings with secure Velcro loops, so you can store little must-haves like water bottles, ear plugs, and glasses if you’re sleeping on the top bunk.

    $29 at Hayneedle | Buy

    | Posted 17 Jun, 2015 by Janet

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