Cute Spooks: Halloween Costumes

Halloween truly is a holiday for children. It is the most hyped-up game of dress-up, ever, where using your imagination and playing pretend is unabashedly encouraged. From the realistic to the fantastic, kids can don a costume to fulfill a dream of being a train conductor, a knight, their favorite farm animal or whatever else their little minds can conjure up. And all of this excitement takes place before there’s even a mention of candy! Best. Night. Ever. For weary parents chasing down their child’s specifications (“A pink dragon with yellow hair.” “A green and white Ninja.”), Halloween can lead to many nights trolling the internet or hitting the mall for the perfect costume. We’ve rounded up a few that we found to be charming, a little bit different and a whole lot of cute, and that will hopefully fit your little one’s vision of themselves for the big night.

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  • Where The Wild Things Are Max Costume


    They are all wild things on Halloween night, so this costume from the classic book Where The Wild Things Are is playfully apropriate. Channel your child’s inner Max and let him run just a little wild for one night.

    $59 at Pottery Barn Kids | Buy

    | Posted 12 Oct, 2012 by Rene
  • Deep Sea Infant Costume


    Welcome to the cutest thing you will see today. If your baby is a little too small to dress up from head to toe, or you just can’t be bothered, simply toss on this felt scuba mask and flippers and he is ready for the (imaginary) deep sea adventure of his life.

    $25 at Mahalo | Buy

    | Posted 12 Oct, 2012 by Rene
  • No. 2 Pencil Halloween Costume


    Your kid will look sharp as the perennial back-to-school staple, the #2 Pencil. Standardized test not included.

    $29 at Toys R Us | Buy

    | Posted 11 Oct, 2012 by Rene
  • Olivia Toddler Costume


    Your little girl will delight in dressing up as her favorite porcine diva, Olivia. This toddler costume comes with a shirt, leg warmers, dress and piggy ears. Your little one completes the package with Olivia’s signature wit and sassy attitude.

    $30 at babiesRus | Buy

    | Posted 11 Oct, 2012 by Rene
  • Fox Mask And Tail


    A mask and tail set make for easy dress-up. BHBKidstyle handmake a slew of options, but we’re partial to this sweet fox. Pair with a color-coordinated outfit for sly trick-or-treating.

    $31 at BHBKidstyle | Buy

    | Posted 10 Oct, 2012 by Rene
  • Sushi Costume


    Make your favorite dinner come to life- the Costume Cafe will create an adorable sushi get-up for your little maki made to order, no menu required.

    $65 at The Costume Cafe | Buy

    | Posted 10 Oct, 2012 by Rene
  • Fish Costume


    The perfect twofer costume: Your kid can stand out as a bright and adorable fish while staying warm, thanks to head-to-toe fleece. After Halloween they can still rock the scaled hoodie to keep cozy in fishy fashion.

    $13 at Old Navy | Buy

    | Posted 09 Oct, 2012 by Rene
  • Darth Vader Infant Bodysuit Halloween Costume


    The best part of this pint-sized Darth Vader costume- besides the fact that a teeny, tiny Darth Vader is awesome- is that it is a onesie with stretchy pants and a hat. This means it is easy to get on and off and is comfortable and washable. Bonus, this cute costume is only $15, making the dark side very appealing.

    $16 at Walmart | Buy

    | Posted 09 Oct, 2012 by Rene