We Heart Teachers

School is starting (or has already started in some parts of the country), and it’s important to start the year off on a good note. Teachers are chronically underappreciated, so why not give them a “thanks in advance for a great school year!” gift? Read on for some of our favorite teacher gift suggestions!

Back(pack) to School

With August comes the onslaught of Readin, ‘Ritin, and ‘Rithmetic – that’s right, folks, it’s back to school time. Whether you’ve got a kiddo heading to their first day of kindergarten or a too-cool-for-school senior, there are some universal supplies that have to be bought. Namely, a backpack. Here’s a selection of our favorites for kids of all ages!

Dorm Decor Dos and Don’ts

Millions of recently graduated teens are eagerly awaiting the start of their freshman year of college this fall. If they’re anything like we were at that age, they’re all eagerly planning their dorm room décor. It can be a challenge to combine functionality and style in small dorm spaces, but we’ve got you covered. Read on for a selection of dorm-ready bedding, storage, study stuff, and more!

Beach Babies

No sunburns, wave rashes, or bad attitudes allowed on trips to the beach this summer. We’ve got every gripe, complaint and need covered here in our round-up of all of the clever and essential gear you’ll need while beaching with kiddos. (Sadly, tropical cocktails for you are not included.) Peruse and get planning- the ocean is calling!

Bunnies ‘n’ Baskets: Easter 2015

Spring is almost here, which means it’ll be Easter time before we know it. Time to start hunting down adorable Easter outfits, baskets, and basket goodies for your little ones. Whether it’s their first Easter and they’d rather chew on a plastic egg than hunt for it, or they’re older and hip to the fun that the Easter Bunny can bring, we’ve gotcha covered.

Welcome To The World: New Baby Gifts

Squee! New babies are the best. So pink and sqeaky and endlessly cute. And buying treats for those sweet little people is beyond fun, too, because everything is cuter when it is teeny tiny and meant for a baby. (Fact.) We’ve rounded up some of our favorite gifts for new babes that, OK, they might not appreciate because they technically can’t even see them yet, but trust us- their parents will adore them and you for your thoughtfulness.

New In Kids Rooms

Kids have their own tastes and their own senses of style, which is why, despite our best intentions, we cannot control what they like. When parents decorate a nursery for a new baby, no detail is overlooked, but the perfectly pulled together room is usually a reflection of the parents own tastes. By the time a child is two years old, they (sometimes stubbornly) know their own mind, and are drawn to things that make them happy. And, yes, even if it doesn’t go with the color scheme, or you think it is hideous, your kid will delight in picking out pieces for their own bedroom or playroom. Here are few new finds that we think will appeal to both parents and kids, that will also help puch up the style quotient on any ho-hum children’s room.

Rule the Back To School’s

Whether your kids went back at the end of August or are just gearing up this week, school is definitely back in session. Let’s mix things up this year with some new and interesting finds to help streamline the morning routine, liven up the lockers and make those little students happy to be back in the classroom.

Hippity, Hoppity, Easter’s On It’s Way!

Easter is one of those holidays where you can’t be cutesy enough, honestly. We’ve hopped around on an egg hunt to round up lots of basket goodies for your little bunnies, from toys to candy to Easter Sunday outfits, and more.

Valentine’s Fun For Kids

Now that the gimme-gimme overdosing of the holidays is over, Valentine’s Day is a nice palette cleanser for little kids. No big gifts, no countdown, no lists- just a card to a friend, a sweet treat from mom, and an extra snack at school. Here are a few ways to make sure your little ones feel the love, and, even better, ways they can pass the love on.

Stocking Stuffers Under $10

We strongly encourage parents to keep things cheap and cheerful in the stocking department. Your kids will have PLENTY of big, shiny new toys to play with over the holidays, but in our experience, it is the inexpensive, tiny stocking fillers that they ineveitably become obsessed with. Crayons? Jacks? A rubber ball? All perennial favorites. So do yourself a favor and grab some low-key but fun tchotkes and toys that will hopefully keep the kids busy while you cook or on the drive to Grandma’s house. Low-tech FTW!

One-derful Onesies

Hands down, the number one thing new parents and their babies are going to need A LOT of (besides diapers and sleep, of couse) are onesies. Why, childless people ask? Because babies are messy, and will be from day one until they’re well into double digit years. Onesies are easy to wear, can function as a shirt or entire outfit (depending on how tired the parents are), are great for layering, wash well and can be passed on and on to many other babies. The onesie, though functional and essential as all get-out, isn’t the most flashy or exciting gift for a new baby, but we’ve culled the market to find some pretty attractive and charming examples of one-derful onesies that will look adorable on a little baby and make their weary parents smile.

Back to School Cool

Readin’, ‘ritin, and ‘rithmetic are ba-aaaaaack! School is starting, and we’re here to help your kid be the hit of their classroom with an assortment of awesome school supplies from backpacks to tasty lunches everyone will want to trade their PB&Js for.

Summer Fun: Go Outside And Play!

School is finally out for summer. Hooray! Woo hoo! Uh…now what? Between play dates and camps, there is still a LOT of daylight left over, and most kids aren’t content with sitting still. Do what your mom did- push them out the back door and instruct them to play outside. Kids today might not be as adept at creating their own fun away from video games, television and iPads, but we’ve got a few ideas that will spark their imagination and encourage some much-needed fun in the sun. We’ve even thrown in some parental lifesavers to ensure everyone is happy. After all, there’s only 8 weeks until school starts again. Make the most of the time you hopefully have to enjoy the sunshine and your children.

Stockings Hung by the Chimney with Care

Did you welcome a new little one into the family this year? Well, then, they’re going to need their very own holiday stocking to hang on the mantelpiece. (Or, at least, the bookshelf.) We’re bringing you a selection of beautiful and unique stockings to suit any family tradition or home decor. Don’t forget to buy stocking stuffers to put IN the stocking, though!

Baby, Its Cold Outside: Childrens Outerwear

Your kids sprint outside without the slightest concern about the weather. Most children will merrily play in the snow/rain/Sandy without a complaint, while nervous parents holler from the front door, “You need a jacket!” We hear you. Those little ones are carefree until the inevtiable cold or frost bite settles in, and then its up to mom and dad to remedy the situation. We’ve rounded up your best bets for keeping little ones snug enough so they can play outside all winter long. It’s cold out there for little people, but wrap them up in the right outerwear- be it a hat, a vest, or a parka- and they will (silently, of course) be thanking you for keeping the cold at bay.

Cute Spooks: Halloween Costumes

Halloween truly is a holiday for children. It is the most hyped-up game of dress-up, ever, where using your imagination and playing pretend is unabashedly encouraged. From the realistic to the fantastic, kids can don a costume to fulfill a dream of being a train conductor, a knight, their favorite farm animal or whatever else their little minds can conjure up. And all of this excitement takes place before there’s even a mention of candy! Best. Night. Ever. For weary parents chasing down their child’s specifications (“A pink dragon with yellow hair.” “A green and white Ninja.”), Halloween can lead to many nights trolling the internet or hitting the mall for the perfect costume. We’ve rounded up a few that we found to be charming, a little bit different and a whole lot of cute, and that will hopefully fit your little one’s vision of themselves for the big night.

Back To School 2012

Can you believe its that time again? Depending on where you live, back-to-school means you have until September to get the kids ready, or youre scrambling to meet an August start date. Either way, kids are lamenting the end of summer while parents are gearing up for a new school year and tackling a seemingly endless back-to-school shopping list. Weve looked around the internet and rounded up a few ideas to jumpstart your shopping. Whats on your list?

Bargain Baby: New Baby Gifts Under $20

A new baby, squee! Hold your horses- we know you want to give the most precious and thoughtful gift possible for this new little person, but here are a few words to the wise before you start loading up that shopping cart. 1)This kid is going to get more stuff than he will ever use. 2)This kid has no idea how much you spent on that onesie he just pooped on. 3)New parents are easily overwhelmed with all the new stuff. Given all of that, try to reign it in when giving gifts to new little ones. Of course your gift can still be thoughtful and unique, but you don’t need to bankrupt yourself doing so. The sentiment and gesture mean more to the parents than the price tag. Here is a list of ideas that will thrill newborns and parents alike, while keeping the tab under a cool $20.

Summer Fun

The lazy days of summer are just around the corner. Or, are they? Parents know that keeping the kids entertained isnt exactly a lazy enterprise. We are all for giving kids a chance to use their imaginations, but a little inspiration can be oh-so helpful. Summer is all about bike rides, trips to the park, and backyard adventures; but, when boredom inevitably strikes its a good idea to have a few things on hand to entertain the troops. Surprise them with something new to jumpstart the fun of summer. Heres a little round up of mighty cool finds for the kids.

Nursery Art

Treat your new addition to some seriously cool artwork. You don’t have to keep it all fluffy animals and Winnie The Pooh just because it is a nursery- there are endless options for both traditional and offbeat artwork that will accent your babies room and coax a smile out of both of you. Whatever your price point, Junior deserves some funky and fun decor, too. Here is a sampling of some options that are ready to hang.

etsy: junior edition

We admit it. We have a major crush on Etsy. How could we not? A hot-spot of unique, handmade goods, its a special kind of awesome. Etsy for kids? Well, its the bees knees. Youll find toys, clothes, shoes, dcor and more from super creative indie designers and artists- things you wont find anywhere else. So the next time youre shopping for something fabulous, support the little guy and head on over to Etsy. Well get you started with our Etsy roundup, Junior Style.

Spring Dresses For Young Lasses

You don’t have to celebrate Easter to want to dress your little girl up in a fun party frock. From birthday parties to church, a twirly, pretty dress fits the bill. We’ve covered the bases, from girly-girls to not-so-much, there is something out there to make every little girl happy, and to fit every parents’ budget. Spring is a great time for celebrating, and your little one will certainly look the part in any of these fun and frilly frocks.

Gift Guide for Teens and Tweens

If you have a teen or tween on your shopping list, you know this is perhaps the most difficult age for gift-giving. Barbies and Legos just don’t cut it anymore. As tempting as it may be to go with a few iTunes and be done with it, let’s put a little thought into this and find something really cool, or rad, or whatever it is they’re calling it these days. We’ve compiled a list of ideas to get you started. We think they’re super hip and with-it.

2011 Stocking Stuffer Guide

Growing up, we always opened our stockings Christmas morning and could count on finding a juicy clementine somewhere inside. Yours might be filled with chocolate coins, lots of little wrapped gifts, or even a toothbrush - hung from a fireplace mantle or a staircase. Whatever your stocking traditions may be, one thing is certain. Kids love them almost as much as the presents under the tree. And, a cleverly filled stocking might just buy you enough time to at least get the coffee started.

Cool For Back To School

A kid will tell you there is little that is actually cool about heading back to school. Back To School, if you take away the whole educational aspect, is little else than an excuse to overindulge in office supplies and purchase an entirely new wardrobe. Unfortunately this splendid time of year is geared towards children, who could care less about a new pack of erasers and a still-too-big winter coat. It is the faithful parents who are investing in fresh packs of tube socks and crayons, lunch boxes and pairs of corduroys. Go on, get one more pair, you never know. We’ve rounded up a few cool finds will certainly please list-wielding parents, but also pique the interest of the kids counting down to the end of summer. Here are some pretty cool finds for another action-packed school year.

Drool-Worthy Diaper Bags

Little tiny babies come with lots and lots of stuff: Stuff to change them, stuff to feed them, stuff for when the feeding and/or changing results in a disastrous mess, stuff to entertain them, stuff to protect them from the sun/snow/rain. See? Tons of stuff. The bad news for new parents is, yes, you do need to haul all of that crap around with you for fear that you might not have the appropriate STUFF for any particular situation. What if it starts snowing? What if there is a poop-splosion? The good news is that you can fit all of that essential stuff into a functional and attractive diaper bag that doesn’t necessarily scream Baby On Board. Retain some of your pre-diaper days style with a kick-ass bag that does everything you want it to, looks good while doing it, and can tolerate a little drool.

Happy Hopping: Easter Treats

Spring is in the air and Easter eggs are scattered around the house. Don’t make that poor bunny do all the work this year- use this guide to add some pizazz to the Easter holiday. Toss out the traditional plastic eggs filled with spare change and really surprise the kids with cool treats in their baskets and on the table. Who knows, you might gain a little extra hop in your step, too.

Robot Roundup

Here’s a little retro-futurism to get your kids’ hopes up. We have to keep the flame alive, until our dream of a robot butler for every household is realized.

Fancy Dresses for Flower Girls

It’s possible she will never be this happy at a wedding again until she’s a bride. It’s also possible that she’ll freeze in fear and refuse to walk down the aisle. Either way, she looks lovely.

Art for Kids’ Spaces

The whole family has to look at it, so choose something lovely. These whimsical prints let you revisit childhood without sacrificing your hard-won good taste.

Top 10 Handmade Baby Shower Gifts

Newborns deserve special things – things made with care by someone who likes new babies and their tiny little feet. If you have a baby shower coming up, consider a handmade present. And don’t worry about learning how to knit, as long as you know how to click your gift will have a shot at heirloom status.

Teacher Gifts
Easter Basket Guide 2010
Growth Chart Roundup

You’ve been measuring your kiddo against the kitchen door. But you live in a rental, and it might be tricky to take that door along with you when you go. Time to invest in a growth chart.

In the Pink

You bought her trucks, encouraged her to play in the mud, used gender-neutral pronouns. She announced that she was a princess and refused to wear anything but pink. Actually, she won’t even eat anything that isn’t pink.

It’s a phase, so why not indulge her a little? Where can you get some miniature pink surgical scrubs?

Valentine’s Day with Your Sweethearts

You’re officially in love, and Cupid had nothing to do with it. This Valentine’s Day, stuff their faces with chocolate, and cover their faces with kisses.

Rain Boot Roundup

Look out puddles, here comes trouble.

Booties Roundup
Stocking Stuffers for Kids

Stockings are the best part of Christmas. Too bad Santa gets the credit for your creative genius. Then again, you did eat all his cookies.

Classic Gifts for Kids

This? This is how you always pictured parenthood

Snuggly Holiday Pajamas for Little Kids

Technically, every one of these should be footie pajamas, but we know a certain toddler who refuses to sleep in them. Which is why we are a little bit melancholy this Christmas, and also in the market for new sleepwear.

Dress Up Clothes for the Holidays
Holiday Gift Guide Round Up
Cozy Wear for Kids

Baby, it’s cold outside.

Halloween Decorations that Will Unsettle the Neighbors

If your taste is more Adam’s Family than Casper the Friendly Ghost, our gothic-inspired Halloween decorations will be right up your dark alley.

*Editor’s Note: These picks were supposed to run as a post for Cookie Magazine, which has since been closed. We wish good things for the editorial team at Cookie. There’s not enough aspirational material out there for parents, and we’ll miss your monthly insights.

Back to School Clothes 2009
Back to School Supplies Guide 2009

Farewell summer, it’s back-to-school time! Are you actually wearing a party hat? Nice touch.

While you’re shopping, remember that we have several guides for the new school year:

Back to School Clothes

Outerwear Guide: Perfect Coats and Jackets for Kids

Lunchbox Roundup 2009

Lunchbox Roundup 2008

Back to School Guide 2008

Here’s hoping our back to school picks become fast favorites, and provide a little inspiration for your tiny student.

Now, shouldn’t you be mixing a cocktail?

Lunchbox Roundup 2009
Lunchbox Roundup 2008

It’s the hardest working piece of back to school gear you’ll buy. It’s the thing that’ll carry the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the next 200 or so days of school. They’ll spill juice in it, smear peanut butter on it and maybe forget to empty it on Friday afternoon leaving you a science project for Monday morning. You better get one that can endure.

2009 Father’s Day Gifts for New Dads

Dad spent days practicing how to fold the stroller in a single smooth motion. He takes the baby to the playground every day, even though the baby can’t unfurl its fingers yet. In the few moments he could be sleeping, he lays awake imagining the myriad ways he could accidentally break the baby.

What’s he gonna do with a tie?

Kids’ Sun Hat and Bonnet Roundup
Kids Fancy Wear for Spring

These duds were made for family photos. In each color, we tried to pick a coordinating option for boys and girls, so you don’t have to go searching for clothes that will make the whole family look pretty when everyone says cheese.

Easter Basket Guide 2009

This year, the Easter Bunny is going retro.

Bathtime Fun
Valentine’s Day Gifts For The Kids
Valentine’s Day With The Kids

One of the best things about having kids is the opportunity to make a big deal out of little holidays. But this year, please ask your husband to refrain from dressing as Cupid and surprising the kids when they get home from school. The neighbors are still discussing last year’s “adult-diaper/crossbow incident.”

Valentine’s Day Cards For Kids

She’ll agonize over whether to give him the “I’ve got a crush on ewe” card. He’ll be more interested in who tapes a lollipop to their Valentines.

Perfect Books For Two Year Olds

This is the first in our series of books kids love. Our recommendations are based on suggestions from parents whose kids have enjoyed them firsthand. Here’s hoping these books help you raise a kid who loves to read.

Once upon a time…

New Year, New Shoes

It’s a New Year! Baby needs a new pair of shoes.

New Year’s Eve With The Kids
Gift Guide Round Up 2008

If our obsessive gift guides aren’t enough for you, you’re a child after our own hearts. This gift guide roundup features the best items from fifteen other guides, and links so you can check out the rest of the loot. Happy shopping.

Hanukkah Round Up

Santa? You’ve got seven days (and thousands of years) on the guy.

Stocking Stuffers 2008

Aside from the new puppy, the stocking’s the best part. It’s really too bad Santa gets all the credit.

Gifts For Teachers

As a parent, it can be tough to walk the fine like between appreciation and bribery when you’re looking for a teacher gift. What you want is something that says “thanks” without saying “give my kid an A, and I’ll make it worth your while.”

Of course, the real conundrum is finding a gift that says “please forgive my child for giving you lice.”

Holiday Gifts
Luxury Gift Guide 2008

If you’re looking for a jaw-dropping gift, have a look at our picks below. Can you buy love? Probably not. But you can give it the old college try.

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide

Handmade presents always seem a little more special. So what if yours weren’t the hands involved? Less time knitting, whittling, and gluing, means more time baking, caroling, and decorating.

Hooray for cottage industries!

Kids’ Gifts Under $30

You could mortgage your house for gifts, but they’d probably be just as happy with a refrigerator box. Here are some toys that will keep them interested, and you financially viable.

15 Perfect Gifts For Three-Year-Olds

The three-year-old, all the fury of the two-year-old, only smarter. They can do more, understand more, and tell better jokes this year. Here are 15 perfect gifts that will feed into their innate sense of discovery and fun.

Nostalgic Candy

Here’s a collection of candy you remember from your youth. The kind of candy you could eat with reckless abandon back when kids were tougher. We ate candy, we rode our bikes around the block alone, our parents smoked at the dinner table and we didn’t wear seat belts. Here’s some stuff you can share from your youth, without endangering their lives.

Maternity Hospital Bag: 16 Essentials for Moms in Labor

This is as close to running a marathon most of us are ever going to get. These things take planning. Here’s a guide to all the things you never knew you’d want to have at the hospital while bringing your baby into the world.

Candy Carrier Round Up
2008 Halloween Costume Guide

You’ve got a short window of time before your kid realizes all his favorite TV characters have licensed costumes ready to buy at the store. Here are the costumes you want your kid to wear, get in there before Disney sees you coming.

Outerwear Roundup: Perfect Coats For Kids

A good coat keeps them warm, a great coat means you don’t have to worry about the rest of your kid’s outfit, scoring you a few extra minutes in the morning.

Guest Editor: Margaret Gould Stewart

Margaret Gould Stewart is Google’s user experience manager, but her real job is being a mother to Charlie (9), Beatrice (7), and Isabel (5 – almost 6!). She lives to find the perfect gifts for loves ones, and is still waiting for the day when it isn’t fun to dress her kids.

After we lamented the lack of great clothes for boys, Margaret responded with an amazing list of finds she is confident Charlie would happily wear.

Gift Closet Guide: 14 Birthday Gifts Under $20

Oh good, another birthday party. What is that, the twelfth one this month? Instead of making the usual pilgrimage to Target, stock up on these unique gifts under $20. Your budget will remain unscathed, and you’ll have something on hand the next time your kid is off to a party.

And the time after that, and the time after that.

Guest Editor: Chris Jordan from Notes From The Trenches

Chris Jordan was a child in her former life. She got married straight out of graduate school to her trophy husband, gave birth to more kids than you can count on one hand, and after thirteen years of parenting still looks around and wonders when the real mother is going to come home.

She began blogging at Notes From the Trenches in 2004, never expecting more than a handful of people to ever read it. And half expecting that she would have to bribe even those few souls. Slowly her blog developed a following and has been nominated for several blog awards over the years.

15 Perfect Gifts For Two-Year-Olds

Being two is hard work. You’re learning your letters and numbers, developing an imagination, and maybe even learning to use the potty. It’s no wonder every once in a while they lose their tempers. These gifts help them use their new skills and encourage them to do what they do best. Play.

Lego Roundup

Imaginative play without batteries, lights, or sounds. How novel. If your kid (or husband) is deep in Lego love, we’re right there with them.

Back To School Clothes

It’s the first day of school, you’ve got your camera ready, a box of tissues handy and maybe a celebratory bottle of champagne on ice. This is elementary school, not a fashion show but your days of dressing your kid up in what you think is cool are numbered. You may as well do it up.

Back To School Guide

The most enjoyable money I spend all year is the money I spend on back to school stuff. The kids groan at back-to-school commercials, and I cackle with glee. You can’t blame them for dreading the inevitable return to school, but maybe some shiny new things will soften the blow.

15 Must-Haves for Traveling With Babies and Toddlers

Ready to leave the comfort of your living room? Whether you’re packing light or bringing everything in the nursery, these 15 products will help you and your baby travel more comfortably.

As for the folks aboard your plane? You may want to pack them a box of earplugs.

Guest Editor: Gabrielle Blair from Design Mom

Gabrielle Blair is a designer and mother of five (Ralph, Maude, Olive, Oscar, and Betty), who also goes by Design Mom and keeps a blog by the same name. She is also one of the founders of Kirtsy, a place to find cool things. She loves really good ideas and pretty paper products. And root beer.

Go Play Outside! Backyard Guide

There are so many compelling reasons for kids to stay inside, even in the summer–cable television, video games, central air conditioning. These perfect outdoor toys will coax them outside and keep them there, while you catch up on your summer reading.

Camping with Kids Guide

Camping with kids is a different, perhaps more challenging experience than camping without them. Still, it would be unfair to keep your kids from experiencing a vacation that involves marshmallows and dirt. We have some excellent gear to get you on your way.

Party Dress Up Clothes for Kids

Summer for kids is all about swimming, playing in the dirt, getting scraped knees, and the belief that bathing is optional. Still, the summer for adults is also about weddings, bar-b-ques and parties.

When it’s time to hose them down and dress them up, here are some lovely options for girls and boys. Some of them will even hide those inevitable summer-scraped knees.

High Chair Roundup

Your house is about to be invaded by a very special piece of furniture. It’s where your kid will eat his first Cheerio, where he’ll steadfastly refuse to eat anything green, and it’ll be the only place you can legally strap him in. It may as well look nice.

14 Perfect Father’s Day Gifts

Thank you dads, for teaching us to skip rocks, ride bikes, and execute perfectly timed “pull my finger” jokes. We remember every time you got up with us on Saturday mornings and napped with us on Saturday afternoons. Father’s Day isn’t the only day we notice every good thing you do.

Guest Editor: Wood from Sweet Juniper

Wood is half the team that makes up Sweet Juniper!, the first parenting blog to feature the voices of both a mother and father together. The conversational and very different perspectives of its authors have won over thousands of unique visitors to Sweet Juniper! every day who come back for Dutch’s literate, provocative and highly-creative posts and Wood’s no-nonsense views of motherhood. Wood is a redheaded lawyer with with very good taste. We asked her to send along some of her favorite things for kids. She didn’t let us down.

One Year Old Gift Guide

Buying gifts for a one-year-old can be confusing. You could make this the Best Birthday Ever by just giving them an empty box with some paper to rip. For their parents’ benefit, you might want to try something a little more thoughtful. These toys help your favorite one-year-old conquer all the developmental milestones on their way to two, but no one will be surprised if the baby seems more interested in the packaging.


She stays up until 2 a.m. baking cupcakes for classroom birthday celebrations. She reads the favorite book. Again. One more time. OK, maybe one more. The woman hasn’t gone to the bathroom by herself in years. Once a year you get a chance to say thank you. Mother’s day is May 11.

Heirloom Baby Gift Guide

There’s nothing like a brand new baby to get you thinking about the future. Whether you’re a new grandparent, a first-time aunt or uncle, or a dear family friend, you want a gift that shows how important this particular baby is to you. Here are a few timeless gifts for a new family that will be handed down for generations to come. Presents for the baby’s babies.

Classic Baby Shower Gifts

The new mom needs another pack of t-shirts like she needs pregnancy to last ten months. These are baby gifts anyone would love to get. They’re simple, timeless items but never boring.

Unique Baby Shower Gifts

Spring is baby shower season. You could run by Baby’s R Us to grab a set of footie pajamas on your way to the party, but you want something memorable. College tuition? Maybe not that memorable. Check out our collection of gifts that will have the new mom asking, “Where’d you get that?”

April Fool’s Gift Guide

When you pull out the fake vomit, you’re kind of a jackass. When a five-year-old does it, it’s suddenly clever. Life is unfair. Here’s a collection of classic pranks that are suddenly new again in the hands of a kid.

Easter Baskets For Babies

The baby is probably too young to care, but next year they’ll be old enough to notice that you’re eating all the chocolate. This Easter basket may be your very last opportunity to steal candy from a baby.

Easter Basket Guide

This year, the Easter Bunny thought ahead. Unlike last year when he ran to the corner drugstore at midnight and grabbed fifteen packages of egg-shaped high-fructose corn syrup. Thanks, Easter Bunny!

2007 Kids Stocking Stuffer Guide

In my family the kids can open their stockings on Christmas morning while we get to sleep, at least until 5am. Even if your kid’s stockings don’t buy you Christmas morning sleep, they’re still the best part. Here’s a collection of great things to fill yours with and nothing’s over $10.

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