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  • The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes


    We remember our parents reading this classic book to us when we were kids, and were thrilled to find out it’s still in print. With lovely illustrations and simple text, it tells the story of the Easter Bunny and her 21 (!!!!!) children.

    $17 at | Buy

    | Posted 03 Apr, 2015 in Media by Janet
  • Like & Dislike Stamps


    For teachers with a sense of humor when they grade papers. For tweens and teens obsessed with updating their Facebook status. For… Well, just about anyone, really! These fun stamps will give them the power to thumbs up or thumbs down anything that moves. Don’t be surprised if they return their uneaten dinner with a “Dislike” stamp on the plate, though.

    $13 at Fctry | Buy

    | Posted 21 May, 2014 in Media by Janet
  • It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown


    Who doesn’t love Snoopy, Linus, Charlie and the rest of the Peanuts gang? This adorable short flick is perfect for stashing in Easter baskets so the kids can watch it while their groggy parents make some coffee on Easter morning before the egg hunt insanity begins.

    $10 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 27 Mar, 2014 in Media by Janet
  • The Velveteen Rabbit


    Could there a more perfect Easter book than The Velveteen Rabbit? Nope. This is the original 1922 edition, featuring gorgeous illustrations by William Nicholson, and it’s sure to delight bunny lovers of all ages.

    $14 at Terrain | Buy

    | Posted 21 Mar, 2014 in Media by Janet
  • Black Dog By Levi Pinfold


    Is the black dog the hero or villain of this sweet children’s tale by Levi Pinfold? Read it with your little ones to learn about not making judgements based on appearances.

    $16 at Strand Books | Buy

    | Posted 12 Aug, 2013 in Media by Rene
  • Tiny Dictator Card


    New babies are adorable, chubby, soft, and cuddly. They’re also demanding, screaming wee beasties - what? We’re just being honest! Tuck a massage gift certificate or Babies R Us gift card into this cheeky card (also available in blue), and it is sure to be appreciated by the sleep deprived new parents.

    $5 at Hello!Lucky | Buy

    | Posted 24 Jul, 2013 in Media by Janet
  • Creature ABC


    An ABC book is a staple in any childs library, and there are plenty out there to choose from. If youre trying to narrow it down to one, Creature ABC is it. Photographer Andrew Zuckerman has captured up-close and detailed images of wildlife from A to Z on a stark white background. A is for amazing.

    $20 at Grasshopper | Buy

    | Posted 27 Jan, 2012 in Media by Christy
  • This Little Piggy Went to Prada


    Youve read that book of traditional nursery rhymes countless times. For something new and different, try Amy Allens designer take on Mother Goose. She might be too young to wear Manolo Blahniks, but youll enjoy reading about them with her.

    $20 at Neiman Marcus | Buy

    | Posted 19 Jan, 2012 in Media by Christy
  • Little Bunny Photo Card


    Celebrate the arrival of your own pink little bunny with luxe cards by William Arthur. Personalize with a photo for a simply adorable announcement.

    $2 at Fine Stationery | Buy

    (prices vary by quantity)

    | Posted 12 Sep, 2011 in Media by Rene
  • Just Being Audrey


    A darling book about Audrey Hepburns’ journey from her childhood to her career on the silver screen to her most beloved role, humanitarian. A great gift for any little girl with big dreams.

    $16 at High Fashion Home | Buy

    | Posted 08 Aug, 2011 in Media by Rene
  • 3 Tales Retold and Illustrated


    Bold illustrations update these classic fairy tales for new little imaginations.

    $18 at ICA Store | Buy

    | Posted 05 Jan, 2011 in Media by Rene
  • Shutterfly Gift Certificate


    This gift is the best push for new parents to finally order those birth announcements, invitations, prints, photo books, or any of the million other options.

    $50 at Shutterfly | Buy

    | Posted 03 Jan, 2011 in Media by Rene
  • Lullaby Renditions Of Coldplay


    Ease baby into your musical taste with soft lullaby renditions of your favorites. Chose from Metallica, Kanye West, the Cure and more.

    $17 at Rockabye Baby! | Buy

    | Posted 30 Dec, 2010 in Media by Rene
  • Basket of Dr. Seuss Books


    A cute lined basket (always needed in a nursery) filled with Dr. Seuss’ tongue-twisting best sellers.

    $46 at My Ten Little Toes | Buy

    | Posted 30 Dec, 2010 in Media by Rene
  • Happy Birthday To Me!


    A clever keepsake album that records the details of each birthday.

    $17 at modernlola | Buy

    | Posted 27 Dec, 2010 in Media by Rene
  • An Awesome Book!


    Teach them to dream big, bold, awesome dreams from the get-go.

    $16 at Very Awesome World | Buy

    | Posted 22 Nov, 2010 in Media by Rene
  • Dick and Jane and Vampires


    Twilight for the learning-to-read set.

    $10 at Quirk Gallery | Buy

    | Posted 21 Oct, 2010 in Media by Rene
  • Math in Motion Origami Kit


    Teach your youngster math but make it fun by learning Origami.

    $44 at eNasco | Buy

    | Posted 01 Oct, 2010 in Media by Jeff
  • Alphabeasties


    Letters and typefaces converge to create animals in this charming children’s book that will keep kid’s interested with gorgeous illustrations and fold-out flaps.

    $20 at Chronicle Books | Buy

    | Posted 29 Sep, 2010 in Media by Rene
  • I Know A Lot of Things


    Colorful and bold illustrations keep kids attention in this sweet and simple book.

    $17 at Chronicle Books | Buy

    (Paul & Ann Rand)

    | Posted 25 Sep, 2010 in Media by Rene
  • Papercat Folding Figures


    Keep those little hands occupied during flights or long car rides.

    $25 at Animi Causa Boutique | Buy

    | Posted 24 Sep, 2010 in Media by Rene
  • Exciting News!


    It’s official: we at Staircase Ventures are the proud new owners and managers of Mighty Goods! We won’t be changing much; just like Maggie and her team, we love to shop online and find great product recommendations. You can expect continued high-quality content (we are hiring if you are looking for a dream job), the launch of our Facebook fan page, and very soon some exciting new features (giveaways perhaps?) for our loyal readers. Please tell us what you want to see more (or less) of, and we will do our best to accommodate. Happy shopping!

    $0 at Mighty Goods | Buy

    | Posted 27 Jul, 2010 in Media by Lena
  • Meet the Sight Words DVD 3-Pack


    I can’t recommend these reading DVDs highly enough. Never has setting my toddler in front of the television been so guilt-free.

    Preschool Prep sent the first DVD about a year ago, and I plugged it in recently, thinking it wouldn’t hold the kiddo’s attention. But there he sat, rapt, as words flashed up onscreen, and then little word characters enacted tableaus. A week later, he pointed to the DVD, which had the word “it’s” prominently on the cover, and said, “Watch It’s DVD, mama?”

    He learned all the words in the first DVD, and I ordered the other two. If you’d like to give your kid a jump start on reading, but aren’t sure how to best approach the task, these are a fantastic start.

    $38 at Preschool Prep Company | Buy

    | Posted 08 Sep, 2009 in Media by Margaret Mason
  • All in a Day


    Everything Nikki McClure does is worth having.

    $13 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 10 Jun, 2009 in Media by Margaret Mason
  • Star Trek: The Original Series


    If there’s a new baby in the house, your TiVo won’t be able to keep up with the demand.

    $188 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 03 Jun, 2009 in Media by Margaret Mason

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